Bibop Gresta

Chairman & Co-Founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Bibop Gabriele Gresta, global expert in finance, transportation and media, specializes in mass market community building and project design. He is a world-renowned speaker, featured at the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, Ted Talks, and other global conferences, and is now focused on transportation and human mobility. He is a respected activist in Transhumanism and Ethical Entrepreneurship. In 2014 Gresta partnered with Dirk Ahlborn, CEO and cofounder of Jump Starter, Inc. as COO and Chairman for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. Now, as Chairman, he coordinates a team of 600+ professionals in 40+ countries– the first on the globe to begin development of the Hyperloop™.

Gresta co-founded the influential startup incubator Digital Magics SPA, responsible for the start-up of more than 70 companies, in 2004 and served as venture partner. He pioneered the venture capital market in 2011 with two stock listed companies in U.K. and Germany with investment of more than 70 million pounds (net asset value of more than 100 million).

At age 15, Gresta became Software Development Director for multi-national Alpha Center International (Italy), leading a team that developed a disruptive super-learning system, implemented in several nations. While still in his teens Bibop Gresta became a formidable producer, host and author of hit TV programs on Italian national television, founding Bibop, S.p.A., a content production and distribution company. Within the company’s first two years it reached just under 4.25 million Euro in revenues. In 1999 he sold 40% of Bibop, S.p.A. to Telecom Italia for just under 6 million Euro, creating one of the first successful case histories of Italy’s New Media.