Country Partner - Ambasáid na hÉireann Embassy of Ireland

Ambasáid na hÉireann Embassy of Ireland

IDA Ireland is the Irish Government’s agency responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment into Ireland. We partner with potential and existing investors to help them establish and expand their operations in Ireland to serve EMEA and wider international markets by tailoring value proposition to meet their strategic needs. IDA Ireland offers comprehensive pro bono support for your company and partners with you as you begin to consider how Ireland is the country best suited to your investment.  During the investigation phase, we help in setting up:

  • Hosted Site Visits
  • Tailored Networking Sessions
  • Information Gathering

Some Key highlights of sectors present in Ireland:

  • The Top ten global pharma/biotech companies have operations in Ireland
  • The top 15 software companies have operations in Ireland
  • The Top 5 worldwide software security companies are in Ireland
  • 14 out of the world’s top 15 leading multinationals now have operations in Ireland.
  • 7 of the top 10 industrial automation companies
  • 17 of the top 20 global banks are present in Ireland
  • 11 of the 15 global insurers
  • Over 40% of all commercial leased aircraft are leased or managed out of Ireland


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