Green Partner - OK Play India Limited

OK Play India Limited

From its genesis in 1988 to today, OK Play India has maintained a clear focus – plastics. The finest raw materials roto-moulded into an ever-increasing range of products: water tanks, educational toys, classroom furniture, playground equipment, fuel tanks, automotive parts, telecom booths, delivery boxes and mannequins.

The company takes pride in carrying forward the nation’s Make In India crusade by developing and manufacturing its entire product range in the country.

In 2015, the company responded to the urgent global need of reducing air pollution. It began manufacturing electric vehicles with plastic bodies, designed for India’s needs.

OK Play’s plastic bodies are lighter, therefore more fuel-efficient. They are rust-free, easy to maintain, robust vehicles that are colourful and attractive.

The vehicle range includes electric rickshaws, garbage collectors, loaders and vending carts.

OK Play looked beyond manufacturing and decided to address the problems faced by the people who want to earn their livelihood by driving these vehicles: finance, charging and parking.

OK Play offers them Rental +. A Rental + centre is a secure space, where OK Play electric vehicles can be parked, charged and maintained in a safe, clean and managed environment.

OK Play Electric Vehicles tackle multiple urgent problems of the nation today – air pollution, dependence on fossil fuels, sanitation, mobility and employment. Their positive impact can transform millions of lives.

OK Play Electric Vehicles.
Plastic. Electric. Futuristic.