Digital Partner - Perfios


Perfios Software Solutions ( is the leading Product-Technology company in the FinTech space enabling Financial Institutions in real-time decisioning, analysis and credit underwriting. Headquartered at Bangalore, Perfios endeavors to create a substantial impact in the fintech ecosystem and thus brings to the fore, an expansive product suite for financial and banking services.

Perfios has grown to serve 200+ Financial Intuitions which include almost all the Large Banks, Progressive NBFCs, Insurance Companies, Alternate Lending agencies, AMCs, etc. and have a trusted customer base of more than 50 million people. Perfios provides a varied range of solutions which covers the 360-degree aspect of financial underwriting by providing Bank, Financial, Tax and GST Statement Analysis.

Being a technology driven company, Perfios has developed an extensible data platform that  handles both structured and unstructured data – extracting, curating, analyzing and providing vertical solutions in the area of real-time credit decisioning and Personal Finance management (PFM), leveraging some of the latest Machine Learning and AI techniques and algorithms.

The solutions offered by Perfios are used by most Banks, NBFCs and new age Fintech lenders to automate and digitize customer on-boarding process. In addition to providing core analysis of various data such as Bank statements, financial statements and tax statements, Perfios has created a new category of solutions that triangulate data across various data sources – Banking, Financials, ITR, GST etc. and in the process establishing a single source of truth about a borrower and identifying frauds, if any.