Associate Partner - Accloud


Driven by the problems faced by micro-micro-SME’s in developing countries such as India, Accloud was established in October 2015 to develop a business software solution that would not only provide micro-micro-SME’s access to business management solutions, but also a much larger ecosystem that would empower them to grow and access new markets and services.

Lead by James Ross as CEO and Amit Pau as COO.  Accloud’s technology platform empowers micro-SMEs in high growth economies through the provision of easy to use business management tools, facilitating trading opportunities and access to capital. The Accloud platform is a highly advanced multi-technology solution designed to unlock the potential of the wealth creators of tomorrow, creating jobs and benefiting the wider community.

By democratising access to business services, trade and capital, Accould’s technology has the potential to empower millions of micro-SMEs to realise their full growth potential, as well as bring millions of unregistered micro-SMEs into the formal economy. Accloud’s platform allows businesses to grow and improve profitability, benefiting the communities in which they operate by increasing household incomes, creating jobs and boosting GDP, bringing life-changing education and healthcare availability.

This revolution is made possible with advances and availability of affordable technology and online connectivity.

Accloud’s initial focus is on the micro-SMEs of India – utilising the country’s growing internet connectivity due to the rapid deployment of broadband, a hospitable business environment and an entrepreneurial culture, as well as the demand created due to the recently launched Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Accloud has partnered with local telecom and technology providers to distribute and deliver its offering to thousands of rural communities across India. The mass adoption of Accloud’s technology offers transformational opportunities in the areas of trade and finance in a unique end to end ecosystem.