Associate Partner - Savitri Telecom Services

Savitri Telecom Services

SAVITRI TELECOM SERVICES started in 1999 which became SAVITRI group having following organizations under its umbrella:

  • Savitri Telecom Services.
  • Savitri Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  • Savitri Holding Pvt. Ltd.
  • Savitri Techno Industries Ltd.

Operating globally in different business verticals that covers IT and ICT with additional business lines in Power, Solar & Energy, E-Commerce, the Group enjoys flagship presence through leading companies.

SAVITRI group of companies are involved into multiple business lines covering complete portfolio of products, services and solutions in Telecommunication field. SAVITRI Group is catering market for all solutions relating to Electrical, Telecommunication, Electronics, IT/Networking, CATV, CCTV and Security Surveillance and serving Educational, Railway, Gas, Power, Oil, Defense, CATV and Safety & environment segments.

Savitri is a technology oriented conglomerate envisioned for co creation and to scale up the businesses we work with. Our philosophy dwells into our customer’s need and our services are designated to fulfil the business needs of our partners with efficiency and speed.

Savitri infuses Integrity, Diversity, Sustainability and Philanthropy in every aspect of its business. People are our foremost asset which encourages us to treat everyone equally and individually.