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In last one decade , India has witnessed a booming growth in digital space. The Government’s passionate project of ‘Digital India’ has been boosted with numerous digital advancements in different sectors. Needless to say, sphere of e-commerce is the biggest beneficiary of this digital revolution. While India is certainly setting a benchmark for the thriving of e-commerce ; indeed supported by increasing internet penetration, mobile first consumer behaviour, and advent of digital payment infrastructure, unfortunately the rural part of the country is still far away from the reach of these benefits. Rural India, which contains about 70% population of the entire country according to 2011 census, is still having an internet penetration as low as 18 percent compared to 59 percent of mobile internet penetration in urban India. Besides this huge lack of internet access, unawareness and reluctance of the rural populace about the concept of online shopping and poorly connected logistic network have left the major chunk of the population out of e-commerce service availability.

Observing this dearth of access of digital commerce across the country and foreseeing a long-term opportunity out of this huge polarity between urban and rural e-commerce, Senrysa Technologies, a leading fintech company with years of expertise in Financial Inclusion, originated its revolutionary e-commerce model ‘NextDoorHub’ , to transform the trend of e-commerce in India in much bigger and better aspects.