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Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco), the Pioneer Recycling Company of India, started its journey as early as 1994 and added Electrical and Electronic Waste Recycling activity in 2005 – far ahead of time. Ecoreco is the only company listed on The Bombay Stock Exchange in the recycling segment. Ecoreco supplies various metals, plastic and glass recovered out of End of Life Electrical & Electronic Devices to the core industries and reduces the burden on the depleting natural resources. Ecoreco strongly believes in sourcing raw material from urban mining as against natural mining.

Mr. B K Soni, the chief promoter of Ecoreco, started e-waste recycling industry from scratch and in a span of 15 years has contributed extensively in building the e-waste recycling industry in India which is now a part of the global map. For the sustainability and continuity of the resources, there is no other alternate than to bank upon recycling & waste management in a systematic manner. It is evident that today every Nation is in the race to control the natural resources to the extent possible, in such a circumstance it is equally important that our discarded goods are recycled within the country and the recovered commodities are redeployed with the manufacturers as against imports and avoid further mining to reserve the natural resources for increasing consumption in future.

From the inception, Ecoreco focused on establishing two major things – one, cost effective reverse logistic network which is the backbone of any waste management industry and secondly, utilizing the most environment friendly technologies for processing electrical and electronic waste sourced from the developed countries. Unfortunately, e-waste not only consists of valuable metals and other commodities but also a lot of heavy metals and toxics which when integrates with air, water and soil enters our body in one or the other form finally leading to unhealthy and shorter life.

Ecoreco operates India’s first authorized and certified recycling facility by MPCB & CPCB located near Mumbai to provide an end to end solution for the scientific disposal of e-waste. Ecoreco has set industry benchmarks time and again by introducing innovative & environment friendly best practices in the industry. Ecoreco is an ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, OHSAS 18001 and R2 Certified having membership of National & International associations such as MRAI, ERA, NAID, BIR & ISRI.

In the present time, data protection and time to time destruction of data are extremely important. Unused data may become a liability if not destroyed on time. Ecoreco is proud to state that we had envisaged such a requirement – as early as in 2008 and had launched a Mobile Data Destruction Facility, Degaussing Facility and Blancco services in India. Mobile Data Destruction facility also won a Gold Medal from DST, Lockheed Martin and FICCI in 2008 itself. We highly recommend to all the companies to avail of the services before it is miused!

Ecoreco not only supports B2B but for B2C, it has launched online application in the name of Book My Junk to facilitate door to door collection of e-waste and installs Eco-Bin for dropping e-waste at convenient locations. Ecoreco also supports OEMs in meeting their EPR obligations under its brand name PROEPR.

Ecoreco appeals to the corporate heads to take a policy decision at their end for Safe & Secured disposal of E-waste, Batteries & End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) through the proper channel of recycling and thereby save the planet from pollution. We at Ecoreco envisage to recycle at least 100,000 MT of the above wastes by 2025 and support the mission of our leaders to enjoy a pollution free environment.

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