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Ward Wizard Solutions

Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is an upcoming enterprise in the field of technology and health oriented consumer products. It offers varied yet unique and innovative products that help to live an enhanced and healthier lifestyle in these changing times. The company has multiple outlets of electronic items, wherein we offer thoughtful combinations of different electronic items at affordable prices. Wardwizard believes in excellence in work, and is paving its way towards success by offering innovation and setting a benchmark for quality.

Wardwizard the umbrella brand which comprises of WOPI brand of LED TV , air purifiers , water purlfiers and hydrogen water cup source from across the globe. Wardwizard moved ahead with JOY E BIKE brand and came up with Battery powered bicycle and recently launched with Nanu Scooter. Wardwizard has bid for PBS projects across smart cities in India & is likely to make it as a top player in the PBS Domain of urban mobility.

For bulk and fleet requirements Joy e-bikes can be customized to fit the requirement or the scenario. Joy E Bikes are Ideal for usage in large industrial complexes and areas for

  • Public Bicycle sharing (PBS) project for municipal corporation in smart cities
  • Night patrolling by security personnel
  • Internal employee movement
  • Fleet for delivery & logistics solutions
  • Ideal for school children
  • Community cycling in parks and gardens
  • Urban Local Body‘s new initiative for Public Bicycle Sharing Projects

In Today’s Environmental Pollution Concerns, Climate Change effects, this offering from Wardwizard Joy E Bike helps in reducing the carbon foot print by zero emissions, helps in maintaining good health and fitness level. With governments thrust and lot of effort in reducing the usage of Fossil fuel like Petrol and Diesel such battery powered commute vehicle gains lot of prominence and lmportance. We came up with Nanu scooter also to support the Electrlc Vehicles in general while both Electric Bicycles and Electric scooters have their own strengths. In near future we will be coming up with Electric car to support the Electric vehicles as a whole. Electric vehicle is a great opportunity for the automobile industry, academia and regulatory authorities to collaborate for a sustainable growth. Accepting the challenge and taking advantage of opportunity Ward wizard recently launched Nanu scooter and will be coming up with Electric Car in near future.

With immense of diversification WARDWIZARD, the umbrella brand entered to a Healthcare range of products and services with DHANWANTHARI brand. Dhanwanthari is an integrated Ayurvedic company with interests in medicine manufacturing, treatment, research and development. Basic purpose of getting into healthcare is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. This is how we contribute to society while ensuring the long-term success of our company.