R.G. Agarwal

Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Limited

Shri R G Aggarwal Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. is a passionate leader who has established himself as an architect of the company by mastering many domains to see his company grow step by step from scratch. He is committed towards food security of the nation and is concerned for the betterment of farming community. Born on July 30th, 1949, Mr. R G Agarwal had witnessed ‘ship to mouth’ situation when the nation was facing acute shortage of food during 60s. He dreamt of supporting the nation to become food sufficient.

Graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University with B. Com (Hons) in the year 1968 he attempted fertilizer trading business but realized that pests are destroying lot of agri produce and to control them required pesticides are not available smoothly, in adequate quantity and in time.  In 1980, he bought a sick manufacturing unit Northern Minerals Pvt. Ltd. in Gurugram and shortly made it a profitable venture. He established a new Public Limited Co., Dhanuka Pesticides Ltd. in 1985. He tied up with several Japanese and European MNCs to bring newer product for crop protection.

Shri R G Aggarwal has been the past Chairman of CCFI, (Crop Care Federation of India) the apex Chamber of all Indian agrochemical majors. Presently, he is Chairman of FICCI Sub-Committee (Crop Protection Chemicals).

Shri R G Aggarwal has been walking this journey of hard work and passion over 5 long decades without ever losing his vision. He has dedicated himself for betterment of the farming community. His contribution towards imparting newer farming techniques at the grass root level, judicious use of agro chemicals in farming and educating farmers on latest technology through his nationwide network of distributors and Dhanuka Doctors in field, is highly commendable and has resulted in the overall prosperity of the farmers.