Saurabh Jain

Director, Dorot

Hydraulic-Control valves Expert and by education Mechanical Engineer, with over 8 years of experience in this waterworks market and irrigation market. Saurabh has been leading the Indian market for Dorot Management Control Valves since 2015, being responsible for customer-consultation, customization and optimization of the use of Dorot products and constant enrich of the market requirements. With more than 8 years’ experience in general hydraulic control solutions and automation for water network schemes and irrigation projects, Saurabh is one of the many leading experts in India for pressure and flow management solutions for water infrastructure projects. His area of expertise spreads from pressure and flow control, water-level control and prevention to attenuation of water-hammer and Non-revenue water issues (NRW). He graduated in B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from VIT, Vellore, and PGD in piping design engineering.