Corporate Culinary Partner - Elior


The Elior Group, which was established in the year 1991, is now one of the world’s leading operators in the contracted food and support services industry. It has been ranked No.3 in concession catering worldwide and No.4 in contract culinary services worldwide. The Elior Group now has a worldwide presence with operations in 15 countries in the continents of Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and has been a member of the UN Global Compact from the year 2004.

The dedication of the team to provide special moments, their team’s professional expertise and daily commitment to excellence and innovation is expressed through their motto, “Time Savored”. The Elior Group operates several company-level brand names in France as well as in other countries. This helps in enabling the group to meet certain demands or to factor in specific regional characteristics. The Elior Group also pays close attention to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In the year it was founded, the Paris Stock Exchange had listed the Elior Group as one of the leading operators in contract culinary and support services in the world. It is now a benchmark player in the Business & Industry, Education, Travel, and Healthcare sectors.
The group generated about €5,896 million in revenue through 23,000 restaurants in the Financial Year of 2015-2016. The 120,000 employees of Elior serve 4.4 million customers every day and make it a point to take genuine care to provide catering that is personalized and service solutions that ensure an innovative customer experience.

Elior India is now the France-based Elior Group’s newest subsidiary. A premium contract culinary services company and a global player in the contracted food and support services industry, Elior entered India in the year 2016 by acquiring MegaBite Food Services and C. Ramachandran Catering Ltd. (CRCL), the two leading contract caterers for the business and industry (B&I) market in India – a first for a foreign multinational company in India. Elior India has over 3,500 employees and serves 1.35 lakh meals every day to employees of companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, MRF, Daimler, Pfizer, Shell, LinkedIn and many others. It is listed as one of the top 3 in the corporate cartering industry. The headquarters of Elior India is located in Bengaluru and is headed by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, who is the CEO of the company as well as a member of the Group Management Committee of the Elior Group.

With values like client loyalty depending on guest satisfaction, innovation as a means to greater development, responsibility towards stakeholders, operational excellence in order to sustain profitable growth, and employee recognition to open up career opportunities, Elior India plans to replicate their parent company’s philosophy of delivering great food through seasoned culinary expertise and providing an exceptional experience with wonderful value.

Elior India envisions a healthy long-term relationship with its clients and business partners driven through sustainable business plans, growth strategies and investments in India. Building on the strengths of their recent acquisitions, MegaBite and CRCL, and incorporating the Elior Group’s motto of ‘Time Savored’, Elior India aims to stamp their presence in the country as a leader in the contracted catering market.