The Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (EDB) [] was established with a mission to promote sustainable economic growth through investments into Andhra Pradesh, India’s Sunrise State. EDB acts as a single point of contact for investments to Andhra Pradesh, promotes inter-departmental coordination, conducts project facilitation and appraisal, engages with national and international investors, funds and Governments, sets up Special Purpose Vehicles, venture funds and mobilizes funds for major projects for promoting entrepreneurship. EDB also acts as a one-stop interface for all external engagements on behalf of the state with foreign governments and departments, trade organizations, foreign investors and companies.

The mandate of the EDB includes active promotion of the State of Andhra Pradesh as the ideal destination for investments. EDB streamlines the tedious and time-consuming process of investment facilitation by creating an investor friendly environment. The organization liaisons with concerned governmental departments, agencies and bodies to facilitate project grounding.

EDB assists the state in designing strategies for an exponential leap in growth by facilitating, attracting and enabling investments, technologies, innovations, knowledge and the resources essential for sustained double digit growth.