Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

Managing Director, Avon Protection

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon is Managing Director CBRN at Avon Protection, the recognized global market leader in respiratory protection system technology specializing primarily in Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Industrial. He is also a director of the NGO ‘Doctors Under Fire’.

Hamish served 23 years in the British Army including service as Commanding Officer of the UK CBRN Regiment and NATO's Rapid Reaction CBRN Battalion. His operational deployments included the 1st Gulf War, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq (multiple tours) and Afghanistan (2 tours) and has been in Syria & Iraq frequently in the last 3 years. This considerable experience in the field places Hamish as one of the world’s leading and most current experts in chemical and biological counter terrorism and warfare, and in 2005 he was appointed an OBE for his exceptional performance.

Hamish joined Avon in 2014 from SecureBio Ltd which he founded 5 years ago. He has worked with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq to decontaminate Halabja, and has most recently provided guidance to civilians, UK Government and the international community on safety round chemical weapon use in Syria and Iraq. Hamish has worked in Syria during the current conflict advising UK based charity Syria Relief and UOSSM on treating the victims of chemical weapons attacks and collation of evidence, and has recently returned from Turkey training doctors and medics to combat Mustard agent and chlorine attacks. He advises the Peshmerga on CBRN matters trained them on a number of occasions recently to counter the ISIL chemical attacks in N Iraq. Hamish is probably the leading expert on ISIL CBRN capabilities and plans. He also travels regularly to Iraq and other Middle and Far Eastern countries advising on CBRN Counter Terrorism.

Today Hamish gives advice to senior UK Government and military members on CBRN and Syria, and is frequently seen on global news channels providing expert commentary, and writes in UK, Middle East and US news journals. He helps Bear Grylls write his new fiction adventure series; Ghostflight, the first of the trilogy was published in Jul 15 and Burning Angels the second in Jul 16, both are international bestsellers.