Lara Bezerra

Chief Purpose Officer (MD), Roche (India)

Lara Bezerra’s illustrious career in the pharmaceutical industry spans 24 years, three continents, six countries, and several job descriptions. Asia will be the third continent she will be working in, as General Manager and country head for Roche Products (India) Ltd. Before coming to India, Lara was General Manager at Roche Venezuela from 2013.

Lara joined Roche in 2013 as GM Roche Pharma Venezuela at a very turbulent time, following the death of then President Hugo Chavez. For the next three years, Lara led her team to embody and defend the Roche mission, in spite of very difficult political, economic and financial conditions.

Lara’s leadership was critical in helping the local organisation stay focused on its purpose, have team members keep the faith in each other, and trust every team member’s capability in managing through the worst crisis in Venezuela’s history. The Roche Venezuela story has become an emulative case study and benchmark for other companies to follow in building motivation and positive psychology. The best testimonial to the results achieved by Roche Venezuela under Lara’s leadership was being ranked in the Top 20 “Great Places to Work”.

Before she joined Roche, Lara held various commercial and leadership positions in Janssen Cillag, Wyeth Whitehall and Bayer, cutting across sales, marketing and general management.

Lara joined the Indian affiliate in October 2017 and is instrumental in driving a purpose-led culture at Roche India. With a holistic and transformational approach to purpose, Lara is leading the cultural transformation across the organisation to enable a stronger impact for patients and society. Since October 2018, her designation changed from MD to Chief Purpose Officer. This designation was selected by the organization itself as a response of a survey – Which role you think Lara should have in the transformed organization? A testimony to the success of this journey is that recently, Roche India was certified as Great Place to Work (GPTW).  Personally, Lara shares a strong bond with India – over the last 15 years, she has been studying the philosophy of yoga, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and ancient Indian philosophy.

Most recently Lara was featured in Forbes in an article written by Michael Chavez, the CEO of Duke university in his monthly column where he shares his research about Purpose – read the article here

Lara has a degree in Business Administration from the Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.