Mustafa Wajid

CEO, Meher Energy Group

Mustafa Wajid stumbled into an entrepreneurial career in 1977 at age 16 when he designed & manufactured his first
power capacitor, in Bangalore, India. This was the business inception point for a small start-up company “MEHER

Prior to this he attended Bishop Cotton Boys’ School (http://www.cottonboys.com), followed by the then Christ
College (http://www.christuniversity.in) & graduated with Distinction as an Electrical Engineer in 1984, from UVCE
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_Visvesvaraya_College_of_Engineering http://uvcebangalore.org) while
developing new capacitor technologies, products & contributing to growing the company.

He thus went on to build and lead the team at MEHER, with active support & guidance from his family, enabling its
Power Quality Components & Systems businesses to achieve technical recognition, customer appreciation across
geographies and clear domain leadership status. In 2009-10, SCHNEIDER Electric, then a US$ 20 billion global
MNC, acquired this business. (http://www.meher.com/images/press_release/Schneider_Press_Release.pdf)
As Managing Director & CEO of the MEHER Group (www.meher.com) he now guides “Team MEHER” in its
businesses across the power engineering & e-mobility domains while also steering its digital transformation via new
businesses in AI powered Data Analytics & Visualisation, Investments in Start-Ups and participating in strengthening
activities of the MEHER Care Foundation.

He also actively supports & mentors a variety of start-ups that have a high transformation potential.
He continues to be actively involved in key policy making initiatives, international professional societies, industry
bodies & academia.

Other indulgences include Maths, Artificial Intelligence, Soccer, Traveling & Diverse genres of food, music, theatre,
reading & humour.