Sangita Reddy

Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals

Inspired by her father, Dr. Prathap C Reddy's mission to bring healthcare within the reach of every individual, Sangita Reddy formally joined Apollo Hospitals in 1983. Widely acknowledged as the pioneer of private healthcare in India and a proponent of integrated healthcare, Apollo Hospitals has touched the lives of over 150 million individuals from 140 countries.

She is the Joint Managing Director of the Apollo Hospitals Group. She guides the IT and Human Resources functions and is greatly responsible for evolving the patient-centric culture, a signature of the organization. Passionately committed to transforming healthcare using effective and efficient technology, she steered Apollo Hospitals to harness technological advancements in accelerating positive transformation. Four hospitals in the group have even achieved the HiMSS Level-6 certification.

A driving force for the eHealth initiatives, it was under her leadership that Apollo received three consecutive HiMSS-Elsevier ICT achievement awards. A firm believer in the potential of mHealth and iOT enabled health delivery, Sangita championed manifold initiatives and spearheaded the creation of a Mobile Health System that increases agility, productivity, and response time of the doctors and allied health professionals.

Instrumental in the group's retail and primary healthcare expansion, Sangita promoted and currently helms Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd., which includes innovative healthcare retail service formats such as family health clinics, diagnostic centres, birthing boutiques & maternal health centres, ambulatory surgery centres, dental spas and diabetes management facilities.

Committed to building a more inclusive healthcare ecosystem in the nation, she championed the creation of SACHi (Save a Child's Heart Initiative) which supports diagnostics and treatment of underprivileged children ailing with congenital heart diseases. The model aims to improve the 'total health' of people by acting on the wider determinants of health as well as providing access to healthcare from cradle to tomb.

She has been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards for business and leadership. Yet her mainspring is her resolute commitment to bring about many more transformative changes in Indian healthcare making it much more accessible, affordable and truly inclusive.